The magical world as a creative illustrator is both exhilarating and wondrous.

Hello and welcome to my website. I am a creative illustrator storyteller working primarily in the children’s book industry, providing high quality original artworks done both traditionally and digitally. Armed with a library of knowledge housing the old masters through to today’s creative geniuses. I love an illustration that tells a story, and one of my favorite eras the Golden Age of Illustration embellishes this for me.

There are many illustrators whom have inspired me over the years from the likes of Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac to Norman Rockwell and Ronald Embleton not forgetting Scott Gustafson, Peter de Seve and Carter Goodrich. Born and bred in the beautiful countryside of Lancashire in the North West of England, I adore this part of the country which influenced the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and which also, never ceases to give me inspiration.

From the very first moment I picked up my first crayon and scribbled on the bedroom wall I’ve been hooked! The magical world as a creative illustrator is both exhilarating and wondrous. It’s an adventure that takes me to the far off lands of my imagination – as a Hero saving a Princess; or to Blackbeard the Pirate sailing the seven seas; and to George slaying the Dragon. With more than twenty years of deadlines, my passion for creating new characters and the world in which they live is still as fresh as the day I entered this realm.


Signed colour prints are now available to buy! From magical characters from the Stargazers collection, to depictions of faeries and a host of other unique creatures and scenes. Everything is conjured up in the imagination of Leo Brown; artist, illustrator and story-teller.


One of a kind original artwork from Leo Brown are